Building your Retail Mobile App to Increase Sales and Loyalty from your Audience.

Building your Retail Mobile App to Increase Sales and Loyalty from your Audience.

The benefits that a Mobile App can provide to a Retail Business are very visible in today’s world. Just by thinking only in terms of how users get their information at the present time by looking at stats, mobile phone browsing is the first option for people worldwide and is the key benefit you would be taking advantage from. Classic retail industry dynamics are now changing faster than ever, consumers are gaining more control with their smartphones towards obtaining specific and qualified information before purchasing any product or service.

So we can start to get deeper in the rabbit hole by stating that a well planned Retail App would be adding value and growth to your business.

Think about how fast interactions can get with users by having an App Icon showing up on a device screen instead of searching for things on a website the usual way. Speed is fundamental, and you instantly generate that with your App by providing customized information. The best Mobile Apps today are quite effective when delivering targeted contents that are aiming to a user interests, location, gender and age group to say the least.

All of this translates in increased sales, a clear example is the U.S. retail company Kohl’s changed focus towards improving customer service with their App that resulted in a revenue increase of 33.8% for the current year according to a CNBC article. The main concept driving the App is that it works as a “virtual store associate” that enhances the shopping experience of store clients.

Adding value through customer loyalty becomes a powerful factor with the integration of a mobile App into your business structure.

It takes things into a much personal form of communication and as a direct example we can mention the growth of App push notifications for this purpose. The key point to mention is that pop-up notifications in mobile phones are extremely effective the more personalized they get. It becomes a decisive conversion factor for a Retail App, representing even a 100% growth on sales for the eXtra Electronics App, an Electronics Chain Store form Saudi Arabia.

Retail Mobile Apps are a growing trend but effective planning on this area it also means a necessary a Mobile Marketing strategy integration without exception. A well planned App goes along with a tailored made marketing strategy to ignite client outreach.

With all of these ingredients in the mix, you will be on a successful path with your Retail Mobile App.

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