WooCommerce or Magento for WordPress? Which One to Choose for your E-Commerce Business and Why.

WooCommerce or Magento for WordPress? Which One to Choose for your E-Commerce Business and Why.

WooCommerce leadership in the shopping cart niche for WordPress integration is by the numbers the most used solution worldwide. But why?

The reason is that at the free membership level, you are getting enough number of features you will get a commercial website up and running all by yourself, reach in features for payment processing and easy to understand basically. That is why 42% of WordPress E-Commerce driven Websites use this plugin, living all other options pretty far behind.

Out of that pack of left behind platform competitors we are hand picking Magento. But why?

Popularity is not the only factor to consider at the time of choosing an E-Commerce systems and Magento clearly doesn’t compete on this with WooCommerce, having only 4% of the market share worldwide.

What makes it a convenient option over WooCommerce is that expands on Catalog features oriented to work with large amount of products and advanced marketing and SEO tools. It is a more refined system that requires an acquired level of development knowledge if you want to take it as a “do it yourself” solution.

We can determine then that WooCommerce works better for Small Business and Magento should be left only for a big size E-Commerce project. To set examples on both types we have the startup Reddbar applying WooCommerce and Nike Australia with Magento.

For the startup site, the most distinctive quality that makes it good for a WooCommerce integration is their protein bars mono-product with a variety of flavors to choose from, making it a relatively homogeneous catalog to browse through. This level of content simplicity works best on an easy to use solution such as WooCommerce.

A big corporate site with a large catalog such as Nike is a decent example for a Magento solution, because of the diversity of clothing items and categories that has to be structured and customized for. Also thinking about security assurances that the platform will deliver for such high selling company as Nike is.

So the decision should be made manly by your expected transaction numbers and also how big and diverse will be the offer for your online audience.

E-Commerce is here to stay and grow more according to statistics projected for the next decade. Establishing the proper, secure option will bring the same growth to your business.

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