Get the Best of Both Worlds: Moodle-WordPress Integration Review.

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Moodle-WordPress Integration Review.

Picking Moodle for your E-Learning management system will provide always the best solution and experience for teachers and students today. The LMS platform provides an extensive library of more than five hundred plugins backed up by a worldwide open source community since 2002 without showing signs of losing competitive edge.

At the same time, it will not be the best performing solution f you are running an online business, Moodle’s odometer needle points on the education side faraway from online marketing and selling tools that you must apply to achieve your goals nowadays. It simply works great for e-learning but not if you need to extend towards an e-commerce model.

With this in mind, we have WordPress to solve issues of online marketing and sales. We can call it “the opposite side of a coin”, everything that Moodle is not good enough to cover, WordPress can provide and vice versa. It delivers on a wide range of plugins for marketing campaigns, user fidelization and payment systems. It is also the most competitive CMS on the market since 2001 with a similar success path as Moodle.

The integration is made possible from WordPress by installing the plugin Edwiser Bridge.
Your WordPress will work as the “front store” to promote and receive payments for your courses and even expand to non e-learning products and it will reroute users to your class contents after registration and payment is finished.

Among other capabilities, it offers coding flexibility on custom integrations for automation purposes of specific tasks. Premium features of the plugin include also E-Commerce integration with WooCommerce, the leading online sales platform for WordPress in the market today.

So with a projected revenue increase on the e-learning market world-wide of 243 billion U.S. dollars according to statistics, we can state that this would be an efficient solution for a standard sales driven e-learning project today.

Your road is projected!

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