Building your Mobile App Startup Without Any Technical Knowledge. Is it Possible?

Building your Mobile App Startup Without Any Technical Knowledge. Is it Possible?

We begin at the point where your startup idea was significantly validated through research and some marketing actions with potential users, living clear that the idea is now tested to be turned into a reality.

But your experience and knowledge on a technical management level are not even close for the needs of the project and you are very aware of it. This clearly lives one major task in order to move things forward, finding the right solution on how to delegate the technical side of your startup.

Depending on your budget level there are three clear paths to take towards the day your App is born:

Build and manage your own team. This would be the hardest path to take by far. The selection of the right design and development resources will be critical for this to workout. Your designers and developers will need to be above junior level preferably. The more specialized on App projects they are, the better will be for the lack of a technical coordinator on the production stage.

Overall, it means that you’ll have to start gaining enough technical knowledge in order to effectively communicate with your team members and transferring information between them. This will impact on the amount of hours and responsibilities you will have on your shoulders and you’ll be taking risks related with product quality more than likely.

Prepare to effectively manage your time if you feel like you can take it!

Find a technical cofounder. You may be thinking of this person as a developer that it will work on coding the app night and day right? Please don’t.

What you actually need is somebody that will act as the technical lead of the project sitting next to you at the decision level. Of course this person could take some production tasks maybe in the first stages, but eventually the desired role for a business partner like this is to coordinate a development team or providers for the project.

Is very important to mention that the technical cofounder has to share your vision for the project without any doubts, also good communication and a correct business approach for the technical matters are quality values to look for.

Get ready to debate and be questioned also, that what partners do!

Hire an agency to manage all aspects of the production process. This would be the most pragmatic approach with the right budget in place. Your production cost will be higher of course but also should translate in a more solid roadmap to the completion of the app.

How to choose the right agency? There are three essential aspects to consider:

-A proven track record visible on their job history and that also matches your project.
-A work philosophy that reflects a reasonable quality standard.
-Customer service values oriented to give all the support you need.

On your side, you would have to be committed to provide quality feedback and materials that the agency may ask and this would be a common rule for all the other cases mentioned before also.

Remember this, a collaborative effort of all parties involved in the project is a must.

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